Mission Statement

I’m currently a student living in London, and since starting my degree I’ve learnt some things about myself and life-at-large. Importantly I’ve learnt that I’m no academic, and to be honest I’m pretty sick of pretending to know about things nobody will ever really know about or know if they can know about knowing about things etc. I’ve also learned, or maybe come to better appreciate the importance of the fact, that everybody shits. Furthermore, shitting is an act that pretty much everyone has mastered and knows about. Which leads to my third lesson: that as one of these people, I carry the authority to consider crap, crapping and (lots of) their venues. Indeed pretty much everyone does, but I’ve found recently that I – more than many – find myself regularly philosophising with people about these things and even giving advice. Whats more, sometimes I’m not even drinking!

So all this has led me to think that the world needs to talk about shitting. And from my experiences, people clearly want to talk about it. So I’ve tasked myself with the establishment with a revolutionary institution; a website that will corroborate a range ideas and opinions about crap topics. It will become, I hope, a dynamic, expansive veritable shit-symposium. I hope this endeavor will come to include a suite of guest pieces, scientific experiments, poetry, investigative journalism, critical essays and art.

I have one question that I feel to be of upmost importance and urgancy that will be fitting in the opening of this enterprise, setting sail on her maiden voyage. It’s a question that in the modern Western world has been tragically avoided and for too long. How can we lend hours to talk, books, television and Sundays of FOOD while completely avoiding the inevitable and certain result of DEFOCATING?

I’ve been told I chat a lot of shit. I’d love for that to become a good thing. Enjoy, comment and contemplate, thanks for choosing to actually visit this stupid website.

Finn x

Mission Statement